Unwind – Essential Oil Blend

Unwind – Essential Oil Blend

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This comforting blend consists of relaxing lavender and balancing bergamot.

This blend helps quieten your mind and thoughts, and prepare you for a moment of peace and restfulness. Can be used during any time of the day to help aid relaxing thoughts in moments of stress or worry. Use in the evenings to relax and prepare your body for sleep.

This essential oil blend is perfect to use in a water based diffuser or use in a warm bath.


  • Diffusers and oil burners
    For adults and children over 3 years add 5-10 drops in a water based diffuser. For oil burners add 4 drops per hour of burn.
  • Bathing
    For adults add up to 5 drops to a warm bath.
  • Inhalation 
    Use 3-6 drops in a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and breathe. Not suitable for young children, asthmatics and people with sensitive skin.


100% Essential Oils
All of our products are made from a unique blend of pure essential oils, giving a higher quality of scent, whilst providing the added benefits associated with aromatherapy.


10ml pure essential oil blend.

Hand blended in the midlands, UK.

2 reviews for Unwind – Essential Oil Blend

  1. Charlotte Pritchard (verified owner)

    Beautiful blend of affordable essential oils – such good value compared to other brands

  2. Lesley

    Use this oil in my electric diffuser and it has a lovely smell which helps me to relax and a promotes a sense of calmness.
    Highly recommend and great value for money

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