Invigorate – Reed Diffuser

Invigorate – Reed Diffuser


The inclusion of fresh peppermint and zesty lemon and lime help give you a natural boost of energy and confidence. The scent is rounded off with ginger and ylang ylang. 

This blend is perfect for use in the morning when you need that extra buzz to tackle some tasks, or if you’re getting ready for an event and want a dose of some extra confidence.


100% Essential Oils
All of our products are made from a unique blend of pure essential oils, giving a higher quality of scent, whilst providing the added benefits associated with aromatherapy.


Eco-friendly vegan and cruelty free base with 100% pure essential oils blend and 10 natural rattan reeds. Recyclable glass jar and metal lip, recycled kraft tube packaging.


Use between 4 – 6 reeds for a small room and up to 10 for a larger room. Flip the reeds every few days for a stronger smell or less often for a more subtle scent. For the first use allow the scent to travel up the reeds fully and flip after 48 hours.

Hand poured in the midlands, UK.


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